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Who Are We?

Who are we? In two words: crazy enthusiasts. And we want to create products for NFT enthusiasts like ourselves.

Apollo42 is a platform where you can do everything in one place. NFT marketplace with social features, AR NFT Explorer, Metaverse Gallery, NFT Tracking tool and NFT Launchpad with zero code. And more to come.

Metaverse Gallery

Inspired by a futuristic space theme, Apollo42 Metaverse Gallery is a place for you to enjoy one of the best virtual experiences of your life: from buying and selling NFTs in the virtual space to checking crypto prices and watching podcasts with other users.


Every single creator of our social NFT marketplace will have an opportunity to showcase artworks in Apollo42 Metaverse Gallery.


Every single collector of our social NFT marketplace will have an opportunity to create a personal exhibition in Apollo42 Metaverse Gallery as well as buy NFTs together with other users.

Social NFT marketplace

on NEAR and Aurora

Apollo42 Social NFT marketplace is a platform where besides just selling and buying NFTs you can like, follow, and chat with other NFT creators and collectors.

Social features

Every verified user on our platform will have an opportunity to like/follow others as well as comment under each minted NFT.

The Interface

We have rebuilt the marketplace interface from scratch to make it exceptionally easy to use for both novices and NFT hustlers.

AR NFT Explorer

AR NFT Explorer by Apollo42 is a mobile app that allows you to show any NFT you bought or created in real-life surroundings. Just put your newly minted NFT on the wall in AR and post about it on social media. How cool is that?


This mobile app will allow every user to take photos of your NFTs in AR, so you can post it right after on social media!

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